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Verification A Step for Licensee
Verification is Mandatory in order to use the DVD Logo.
DVD Logo signifies
1. that the Licensee Verified its DVD Product, and
2. the Product is Format Compliant
For a better compliance of DVD Products, Licensees of Product Category I and Product Category II need to verify their DVD Products at a Class A Verification Laboratory. The Verification may be the most important step a Licensee will ever take in DVD manufacturing, to avoid market confusion that poor compliance can cause.
Class A Verification Laboratories (Class A Labs) are well equipped with the highest 'state of the art' DVD technology, both in staffs and equipment.
List of Verification Labs
Which product?
To use DVD Logo on any DVD Product belonging to Product Category I or Product Category II, the First Production Model must be verified. These include discs and devices (players, drives, recorders, decoders and PC software). The DVD Products outside this scope belong to Product Category III: professional authoring tools, integrated circuits, encoders, etc. These products cannot be verified and therefore may NOT carry the DVD Logo.
When the First Production Model of such disc or hardware passes verification, the Licensee will receive Confirmation of Verification. Thereafter, the Next Production models with minor changes need only to be tested in its own Quality Assurance department, or at a Class B Lab.
DVD-Video Products
In order to ensure better compliance of DVD-Video Products, all DVD-Video Players and DVD-Video Discs need to complete the First Production Model Verification at one of the Class A Labs BEFORE the initial commercial shipment. Please see the License Agreement, ANNEX B-3.
First Production Model
Other DVD Products
Products other than DVD-Video Players or DVD-Video Discs should follow the Verification program described in ANNEX B-3 Part II. The Licensee needs to submit the First Production Model to a Class A Lab within 60 days of initial commercial shipment.
What to do First
First, you need to find a Class A Lab that caters for your DVD Product. Each Lab specializes in one or more DVD Product(s); DVD-R Discs, DVD-Video Discs, DVD-R Drives, DVD-Video Players, etc. You may find a Class A Lab with the capacity to verify your DVD Product, by click here or by looking through Annex A (Lab. List) of each Test Specification. All Test Specs are downloadable from our Website, and there is one for your Product Category I or Product Category II DVD Product.
There may be multiple Class A Labs listed for your DVD Product: You may choose the one that is most convenient for you.
Self Test
The Test Spec has Forms for self-testing that need to be filled by the Licensee before the product is submitted to a Class A Lab. It is a required procedure before the Verification. If you are not sure of the self-testing process, you can ask the Class A Lab that you plan to submit your sample products to, for advice or guidance. They will be happy to help you.
How Much?
Verification fees vary from DVD Product to DVD Product, and there is no 'set price'. However, there is a maximum price a Class A Lab may charge the Licensee.
The maximum Verification Fees can be referred in the License Agreement ANNEX B-2.
verification Fees
What Happens to the Result?
After a successful Verification, you will receive a Confirmation of Verification from the Class A Lab. A copy of this document will also be sent to DVD FLLC for our record. DVD FLLC is the only party that may review this report, because of the NDA between your company and the Lab. This information is vital in spotting sub-standard products that can cause problems in the market with poor compliance.
DVD Logo is mark of assurance
for better compliance of DVD Products everywhere!
Verification Service of Class A Labs
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Verification Service of Class A Labs
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