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For Non-Book Subscribers
To obtain DVD Books, your company needs to sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with DVD FLLC to become a Book subscriber.
The certain information in the DVD Book is proprietary and confidential. Book subscribers should not disclose any technical information, trade secret and know-how in the DVD Book to any third parties under the NDA.
If you would like to become a Book subscriber to obtain DVD Books, please request a NDA draft and DVD/Book Application Form by email.
In order to see the latest available DVD Books, please see DVD Book Construction.
Book Price
First Copy with execution of NDA: JPY550,000
Additional Copies: JPY55,000
Shipping and handling Charge: JPY2,200 per shipment
If you initially order each one copy of DVD-ROM Book and DVD-Video Book, the total amount would be: JPY550,000 (NDA+DVD ROM Book) + JPY55,000 (DVD-Video Book) + JPY2,200 (Shipping and Handling charge) = JPY607,200
If you are planning to manufacture DVD Products using the DVD Books and the DVD Logo, you need to apply for DVD Format/Logo License. For further information, please see How to obtain DVD Format/Logo License.
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