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Nature of DVD Logo
1. Symbol of Legitimacy and Compliance
The DVD Logo is a mark that symbolizes the legitimacy and better compliance of DVD Products to the DVD Specifications. Its correct use shows that the product was manufactured by a Licensee (legitimacy) and that the product passed the Verification (better compliance).
1) Legitimacy
As the owner of the trademark, the DVD Logo, and its Licensor, DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation (DVD FLLC) authorizes the DVD Logo use. Only our Licensees are permitted to use the DVD Format Specifications and the DVD Logo for their products.
2) Better Compliance
DVD Logo affixed to DVD Products signifies that the DVD Products satisfy the minimum common requirements of the DVD Format(s).
2. DVD Logo as a trademark
The DVD Logo is a trademark owned by DVD FLLC. DVD Logo is registered in more than 50 countries/areas, globally.
3. DVD Logo is not a Marketing Logo
The DVD Logo is not a Marketing Logo; DVD FLLC instructs the correct use of DVD Logo and contributes in maintaining the quality of DVD products, by protecting the nature of DVD Logo. It is therefore not allowed for Non-Licensees to use DVD Logo, on their own.
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