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In this page, the companies that have obtained the current DVD Format/Logo License (2020-2024) are listed in alphabetical order. Under each company name, the DVD Format and DVD Product Categories for which the Licensee is licensed, are indicated. For information regarding DVD Product Categories, please see Annex A-3 of DVD Format/Logo License Agreement.
Please note that although the List of DVD Format/Logo Licensees is regularly updated, the List is not necessarily comprehensive.
The List is provided for reference only, and no rights can be claimed on the basis of the information herein contained. DVD FLLC reserves the right to discontinue the listing, as deemed necessary.
The listing of the Licensees is entirely at the discretion of DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation.
The information provided on this website is for reference only. RELIANCE ON THE INFORMATION IS AT THE USER'S RISK. The DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation, its employees, shareholders, directors, and other corporate officers shall not be liable in any way for any error or omissions contained in this List, or otherwise in connection with the information provided on this website.
Licensees are encouraged to inform DVD FLLC of any error they may find in the information herein disclosed relating to their DVD Format/Logo License, or when there are any changes to information they have previously provided.
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