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Who may use the DVD Logo
There are strict rules regarding use of the DVD Logo. Please carefully read each paragraph below to know who may use the DVD Logo and when.
1. Licensees who passed Verification may use DVD Logo
Use of DVD Logo requires the License
As many of you may know, DVD Logo signifies DVD Format Compliance. Therefore, the DVD logo may be applied on the products from the licensed manufacturers that have passed Verification at Class A Verification Laboratories. (Please refer to Nature of DVD Logo)
Followings are the business categories that are eligible to apply for our License; basically other businesses are not allowed to use DVD Logo on their own.
What Businesses may apply for the License?
1) Replicators of pre-recorded DVD discs / Manufacturers of writable DVD discs
2) Manufacturers of DVD Players, Recorders, Drives, Decoders and PC Recording and Authoring Software.
3) Manufacturers of other DVD Products that utilize the information disclosed in the DVD Format Books.
These include IC Chips and professional authoring tools, etc. (It must be noted that the products under this category are not permitted to carry the DVD Logo, since there are no established methods for Verifying these items).
If you are eligible for and are interested in obtaining the License, please see DVD Format/Logo License Program (2020-2024).
2. Under the Licensee's Instruction
Others in exceptional and specific cases, when the following conditions are met, under the Licensees' instructions. These cases are limited to within the Licensee's rights to use DVD Logo, for materials associated with the DVD Products. Any of the Logo usage below requires the Licensee's instruction.
1) Use of the Logo for Advertising/Promotional Materials, Commercial Films, Website etc.; for the promotion of Licensee's DVD Products.
When the DVD products have been manufactured by one of our Licensees, DVD Logo may be displayed under the Licensee's instruction on the advertisement, in the vicinity of the Licensee's product (image).
If you are an Advertising Agency or some other related Promotional Businesses intending to advertise DVD products of a Licensee, you are requested to contact the Licensee for the instructions. Licensees are responsible for ensuring that their agencies use the Logo properly. (Please refer to F.A.Q. "DVD Logo" Q.6)
*1 If you are a Licensee and wish to use the Logo in your advertising and promotional materials, please follow the instructions provided in the latest DVD Logo Manual.
*2 The DVD Logo which may appear on advertising/promotional materials for the DVD Product is only the Application Logos pertaining specifically to such product.
i.e.) DVD-Video Logo may not be used to advertise DVD-R Discs.
(Please refer to F.A.Q. "DVD Logo" Q.4)
2) Use of the Logo by Content Owners/Providers, Video Productions, Authoring Houses etc.; in relation to DVD discs replicated by Licensees.
Basically, Contents Owners/Providers, Video Productions, and Authoring Houses are not allowed to use DVD Logo on their own, at the time they write video contents onto DVD discs, because they are not the Licensees.
Only when DVD-Video discs are replicated by one of our Licensees, those businesses may use DVD Logo under the Licensee's instruction. We strongly advise that those companies contact the licensed replicator of DVD-Video discs. You may obtain the DVD Logo data and the instruction on how the DVD Logo should be used from the licensed replicator. (Please also refer to F.A.Q. "DVD Logo" Q.2-Q5)
3) Use of the Logo by Disc Package Manufacturers; on disc-cases and packages specifically made to contain DVD discs replicated or manufactured by Licensees.
Basically, Disc Package Manufacturers are not allowed to use DVD Logo on their own, because the business is not eligible for our Licensing programs.
Only when the DVD discs that are to be inserted into the disc package have been manufactured by one of our Licensees, DVD Logo may be displayed under the Licensee's instruction. Please contact the Licensee that have manufactured the DVD discs, for more details. It is not permitted to print DVD Logo on packages without a Licensee's instruction. (Please also refer to F.A.Q. "DVD Logo" Q.7)
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