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For Book subscribers (DVD Book Digital Edition)
** IMPORTANT NOTICE ** Orders for DVD Book Digital Editions were closed on July 31, 2012.
How to order the DVD Book Digital Edition
The DVD Book Digital Edition ("Digital Book" or "Digital Edition") is a digitized version of the hard-copy DVD Format Book (the "Paper Edition"). The Digital Edition complements the Paper Edition by providing a more portable, easily searchable alternative.

An outline of the distribution system, specifications, PC system requirements, terms and conditions for the DVD Book Digital Edition are specified in the following document:
0 Guidelines for the DVD Book Digital Edition (pdf: 182 kB)
The DVD Book Digital Edition will be provided only to the Book subscriber company that acknowledges and agrees to the above Guidelines including the Terms and Conditions.
To place an order of a DVD Book Digital Edition, you must have subscribed to the Paper Edition of the same DVD Book (or you need to order the Paper Edition at the same time).
For details, please refer to the Guidelines.

After acknowledging and agreeing to the above, please download the DVD Book Digital Edition Order Sheet and send it by Fax to DVD FLLC at +81-3-5777-2884.
It is recommended to fill in the sheet with Adobe Acrobat or Reader before printing, for automatic calculation of the total payment.
A Digital Edition product is composed of DVD Book element(s) and the CM-Stick. An order for only the DVD Book element or CM-Stick is not available. Please refer to the section 1.3 of the Guidelines above.
To view and print "PDF files", Adobe Reader is required. For free download, please click the left button.
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